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Letter to Prospective Clients

Dear Prospective Client:

My name is Jason Dawicke. I have been representing both employees and employers in a variety of legal matters since 2001. It is my goal to provide each and every client with both personal and professional legal services. While this may sound like a marketing pitch, I consider it to be the cornerstone of my practice. So, what does this mean to you? It means actually listening and being attentive to your concerns. It means taking the time to answer your questions. It means promptly returning your phone calls. But more than anything, it means providing you highly competent legal services with the integrity that you demand and deserve.

I recall an initial consultation with a prospective client early in my career where, after providing my opinion and presenting the client with an assortment of options concerning an employment matter, the client asked me what advice I would give him if he were a relative. I paused for a brief moment, and answered his question accordingly. Soon after our meeting, I began to think more about his request, and realized that this gentleman's sentiments likely reflected those of most clients. Since that day I have aimed to treat every client like he or she was a member of my own family. Still sound like a marketing pitch? Well, maybe, but give me a chance to assist you, and make that determination yourself.

The truth is that due to the employment-at-will nature of Ohio law, employment discrimination claims are difficult to prove, and after reviewing the particular facts of a potential case, I am often forced to tell potential clients that they have no viable claim. While this may not be what they want to hear, I believe that they appreciate that I don't want to waste their time and/or money pursuing a case that has little or no chance of success. I will not take on frivolous cases just for the sake of attempting to force quick settlements. Of course, the converse is also true. If I believe that you have a viable case, and you agree to retain me to represent you, you will know that I am completely dedicated to your cause and will work diligently on your behalf.

Please feel free to share with me your employment issues by completing and submitting the appropriate form from the "Practice Areas" list to the left.


Jason E. Dawicke