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How much will this cost?

Employees: Pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit is unlike a criminal matter in which, by law, you are provided a court appointed lawyer if you are unable to afford one on your own. In matters involving civil issues like employment disputes, there is no legal entitlement to counsel. Not surprisingly, a majority of individuals cannot afford to pay for legal services soon after losing their jobs. As a result, many of these terminated employees possessing otherwise actionable claims never even consider bringing a lawsuit because they don't think that they can afford an attorney. I am not naïve. I recognize this dilemma. The money that you receive from unemployment (assuming that you are eligible) probably doesn't even cover basic living expenses, let alone pay for legal fees. So, what is an aggrieved employee to do?

Most cases that I agree to take on are of a contingency nature. This simply means that you owe me nothing for my legal services unless and until I am able to make a monetary recovery (either through settlement or judgment award) on your behalf. If I am able to make such a recovery, you owe me only a percentage of that total. I believe that personal finances should never act as a constraint on justice.

Bottom Line: You have absolutely nothing to lose. For a free consultation, simply complete and submit the appropriate form from the "Practice Areas" list to the left.

Employers: Obviously, the traditional contingency arrangement mentioned above is not a viable option when defending against employee claims. Therefore, I usually agree to representation on an hourly basis. I am also open to the possibility of a flat fee depending on the case's complexity. You will find that my hourly rate is significantly lower than the larger employer defense firms. Don't let that lower rate belie my promise to provide attentive and dedicated service to your company. Please call me for additional details regarding representation.